When it comes to smart honeymoon packing, knowing which items to leave behind can be just as beneficial as knowing which to bring along. Keep these five items at home to set yourself up for a stress-free trip no matter what your destination!
1. Your Laptop
While you may be tempted to bring this along to check emails or even get a little work done while you’re away, unplugging will relax your mind and allow you to enjoy every moment of your vacation together without any distractions. So turn on that vacation responder and catch up on emails when you return!
2. Thank-You Notes
For those ambitious brides determined to tackle their thank-yous right away, the downtime provided by vacation might seem like a good opportunity to get it done. But resist the temptation to bring them along. Spend that downtime relaxing in the sun, exploring a new city, hiking a trail, reading a great book or enjoying a massage! Save writing those thank-you notes for when you get home.
3. Too Many “Options”
Over-packers, I’m talking to you. When it comes to honeymoon packing, sticking to the essentials is key. This might mean editing your bag once or twice, challenging yourself to remove up to half of the items you’ve packed with each edit. Avoid packing “just in case” clothing items or anything you don’t really love. Itchy sweater? Uncomfortable heels? Leave them behind. Stick with versatile items and basics you can mix and match. This editing process applies to makeup and beauty products, too. Yes, you want to look nice on your honeymoon, but that doesn’t mean you need to bring along ten different shades of lipstick or five hair styling products. Packing light eliminates lugging and allows you to pick up items along your travels without worrying about your bags bursting at the seams on the trip home!
4. Valuables
Needless to say, the loss or theft of a valuable possession can put a big damper on a great trip. Leave the expensive watch, fancy gadgets, and even the engagement ring, at home in a safe place or in the hands of someone you trust. Experienced travelers promise you won’t miss them, and not having to worry about keeping track of your prized possessions will make for a much more relaxing travel experience.
5. Full-Size Toiletries
Travel-sized toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner were invented for a reason! Unless your honeymoon plans involve being far from civilization for an extended period of time, chances are you will be able to purchase refills of these basic products wherever you’re going. This is especially important for couples planning to travel to various locations during their honeymoon as it increases the likelihood of going through airport security quickly and smoothly without being stopped for exceeding liquid/gel volume limits or having products confiscated.
With that, we wish you happy packing, safe travels and a wonderful honeymoon!

  • By Nina Ross

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