As a luxury wedding planner and event planner, we offer a range of services that allow you to design the perfect event while choosing what is best for you, your family or your team.

Work directly with Nina under our White or Signature services or work with our experienced Team Nina executive producers and celebrity event planners. If what you have dreamed of is a highly stylized formal event by a world-renowned and recognized designer, Nina Ross or Signature is for you. If you are looking for a superbly talented production and design team, Team Nina offers you a seasoned team of producers and designers who will help minimize the stress on your family or organization and maximize the impact on your guests. If you require destination services, we offer a broad range under Nina, Signature and Team Nina.

We have an eye for luxury, with offices for event management in Las Vegas, NYC, LA. Our reputation both locally and abroad speaks for itself. Wherever we are we offer the very best in event planning, from working with the top wedding decorators in Los Angeles to throwing destination weddings that people talk about for years. We are leaders in event design, Las Vegas to NYC and everywhere in between. Get in touch today and find out what we can do for you.

• NINA ROSS opens the doors to a bespoke, haute-couture, made-to-measure experience offering the ultimate in privacy and opulence as well as unpublished locations and venues not readily available in the market. NINA ROSS is for discerning clientele who are looking for a truly unique and once-in-a-lifetime event.

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