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 A Hands Ceremony explains the importance of the hands of the bride and groom while the bride and groom are simply facing each other while holding hands. Hands Ceremony 1 I asked you to join hands as a symbol of the union that you are making here today. I’d like you to think about the hands that you are holding. These are the hands of … Read More

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When it comes to smart honeymoon packing, knowing which items to leave behind can be just as beneficial as knowing which to bring along. Keep these five items at home to set yourself up for a stress-free trip no matter what your destination! 1. Your Laptop While you may be tempted to bring this along to check emails or even get a little work … Read More HONEYMOON DONT’S


1. New York – Manhattan: $78,464 2. New York – Long Island: $67,831 3. New Jersey – North/Central: $62,606 4. Illinois – Chicago: $60,035 5. New York – Outer Boroughs: $59,027 6. Massachusetts – Cape Cod: $58,608 7. New York – Westchester/Hudson Valley: $54,428 8. Rhode Island: $52,328 9. Florida – Southern: $48,596 10. Pennsylvania – Philadelphia/Delaware: $48,093

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